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Hello and welcome to RomyCodes, home of an origami, sudoku and rugby-loving web builder and designer, my online home.

I believe in creating websites that are clean, simple and easy to use. I have over a decade of digital experience in the industry and have worked with some incredible brands and brains. With this experience I have built a foundation of knowledge with which I can help create an inspiring online home for you, giving your customers and community the best introduction to you and your ideas. Over and above all this, I have a love for passion-projects and would thoroughly enjoy helping you get yours online.

If you think I can help you put your best foot forward, give me a shout.

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Jimmy Public

A fully responsive, retina friendly site telling the story of Jimmy Public and his adventures, giving a brief introduction to the products he has sourced and where you can purchase them.

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Fairview Wine Society

With Yuppiechef stocking some of South Africa's finest wine brands, a collaboration between Fairview and Yuppiechef took place in the form of a co-client wine society offering. This simple, fully responsive standalone site serves the basic functionality of getting customers to sign up to be part of the society.

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League of Beers

When League of Beers joined forces with Yuppiechef in 2013, we needed to build a new site based on similar infrastructure to Yuppiechef. This included a mobile version as well as a simple Wordpress blog skin. Maintenance and upgrading the site to keep it at the forefront of the online shopping experience was also part of my role.

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I worked at Yuppiechef for close on 4 years and in this time was involved in rebuilding, upgrading and maintenance of the site. I also built campaign specific sites as well as the different facets of the Yuppiechef family. The Wedding Registry, Online Cooking School and Forum are all self-contained sites under their brand, so building these portals was essentially building separate sites. This also encompassed building mobile friendly versions, giving users a quick and tailored solution on their varied mobile devices.

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